Executive Modern Build

This style is a blend of mid-century modern and the latest trends leaning towards sleek, contemporary design. This Home is characterized by clean, simple lines, a low-pitched gable roof, large black contemporary windows and a beautiful open floor plan.

Higghgate a.jpg

Bungalow design

This ranch style bungalow is noted for its long, close-to-the-ground profile and wide open layout. This one storey floor plan sprawls it’s wings end to end with a three car garage and oodles of living space. Enjoy the view with your 18 foot vaulted living room ceiling, providing more light and that overwhelming ‘wow’ factor.

Contemporary Build

This contemporary style is not tied down to one single stylistic thread, it is of the moment. This beautiful build is simple and clean, but draws you in with its aesthetically proportioned design. Open floor plan where the kitchen merges with the living room, its effect is simultaneously airy and comfortably livable.  

Craftsman Build

This style charms us with intricate detail, poured over layers of shingles, stone and wood. This charming homes’ front porch provides a gentle transition between nature and the cozy space inside. Distinctive to this style; tapered posts, shed roof line and gable front, all of which add character and warmth to this forever home.